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ClarSax Popa SL’s participation at the Musikmesse Frankfurt was a great success. The FP New Concept accessories were well received. For me, as a working professional, inventor of the FP components and image of the company ClarSax Popa, I have had the honour of meeting and talking to major international manufacturers and artists at Musikmesse.

BUT the image I will always treasure is of a humble but very special artist who played wonderful music on a fantastic instrument in the street outside, next to the entrance to the exhibition hall. And much to my amazement and sorrow, no one took any notice of him. I would like to express my personal, heartfelt admiration for this humble, honest musician.


Master Florian Popa

In addition to being a prestigious clarinet soloist and orchestra saxophonist , and one of the foremost specialists in modern and contemporary music, maestro Florian Popa is an authority in the fields of acoustics and music phenomenology, who has spent his entire life seeking phenomenological perfection in the creation and emission of sound with these instruments.

After 25 years of dedication, this research has taken the form of a new concept of ligatures, barrels, bells and reeds, which has revolutionized the sonorous potential of the clarinet and saxophone.

Despite being considered to be accessories, they are indeed key components as they determine the ease with which the sound can be produced, the quality of emission, tone, and the power and flexibility of the sound, something that maestro Popa, a citizen of the world who currently lives in Alava, Spain, has succeeded in improving.

Happily, this new range of products is now available under the FP brand, marketed by ClarSaxPopa.